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The founders of Blops, Jaydeep and Nikita, returned home to their ancestral India on vacation to explore the riches of their home country.  Whilst there, they saw various street vendors selling simple snacks that strongly resembled popcorn, except it was not popcorn!

On further inquiry, they learned the snack was actually part of the lotus plant.  Seeing an excellent opportunity for a successful business venture, they spent time learning more about the seed and its preparation.

However, they saw the majority of those in India deep fried them in oil, taking much of the healthful value away.  He took some seeds back to England with him, vowing to find a better way to prepare the seeds for consumption.

They figured roasting to be an ideal way to concentrate the natural flavours and sugars in the seed.  After much trial and error, he found the perfect time, temperature and flavourings.

Blops is now a fully run family business which has been successfully supplying many fine food health stores and cafes around the UK. 

Blops are always roasted – never fried like standard crisps.

Blops are lower in calories and fats than many nuts.

Blops are the perfect alternative to the fattening and sugar laden unhealthy snacks commercially available.

Blops snacks have saved us from putting on unessessary calories and we hope to enlighten your taste buds and rescue you too.