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Jungle Fruits


Hey, We are Manny and Sam (AKA the Jungle Chiefs) the brothers behind Jungle Fruits.

We're on a mission To inspire healthier communities by making superfruits more affordable, accessible and convenient for everyone.

Born and raised in the concrete jungles of South-London, we have always loved fruits. So growing up as kids our mum would buy loads of fruit and veg and try to make sure we had our 5 a day. And growing up as adults our mum would still treat us like kids, buy loads of fruit and still try to make sure we had our 5 a day. But there was a big problem......we always wanted to eat in our own time which was usually when the fruit had gone off. Which meant more nagging of course from our mum.

The solution to all our problems was dried fruit! no more nagging from mum too.


We got even older and like everybody, led busy lives. 

Sam took some time out to volunteer in Madagascar and fell in love with their jungles, he couldn’t stop talking about it.

Madagascar is known for their exotic fruits, in particular, their lychees….. which we love!. But we still ran into the same problem we had when we were kids.

How could we eat this conveniently and on the go.

Trying to crack a coconut on the Central Line train got a bit awkward... So we set about finding a way to get our exotic fruit fix, capturing all it’s goodness, in a handy pack we can take anywhere; then it dawned on us...... dry them!

and – voila! – Jungle Fruits was created.