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As a lifelong snacker (and occasional calorie counter myself), I've ALWAYS struggled to find snacks which are truly satisfying AND low on calories!

So many 'lighter' snacks were too expensive, surprisingly high in calories and often lacking the SATISFYING taste & texture I was really craving! Who wants to eat something which tastes like cardboard for an afternoon treat?! Even if they're watching the calories?!
Tired of boring snacks that weren't really hitting the spot (sorry rice cakes), I set off on a mission to make lower calorie snacks that were SUPER SATISFYING, FUN and AFFORDABLE.. and here they are!

My delicious ooey gooey Crispy Treats - they're guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth, WITHOUT the calories!  
And they're half the fat, sugar and calories of typical sweets and chocolate!

Lighter treats... MADE DELICIOUS!

 I can't wait for you to try my new creations : )


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