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Lempira - Specialty SHG

** Ground**

From Lempira, Honduras. Specialty SHG (Strictly High Grown). Lempira coffee is harvested at 1,850 meters above sea level. 

This is an all day coffee!

This coffee is bright and medium-bodied with chocolate and citrus notes bu try to detect the initial floral notes on the tip of your tongue. 
Lempira coffee is unique and new, a little bit lighter than your regular cup allowing you to drink it throughout the day.

Harvest: 2019/20
Notes: Floral, Chocolate, Tropical Fruits

100% Arabica Beans
Altitudes: 1,850 M.A.S.L.
Location: Lempira, 
Common Varieties: Bourbon, Lempira, Red Catuaí, Pacas, IHCAFÉ 90, Catimor.
Profile: Floral initial taste, with citrus and chocolate background


Anastacio Benitez Diaz

Single Estate, Strictly High Grown (SHG)