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Discovery Snack Box

Discovery Snack Box 
Our Discovery Snack Box is small in size but mighty in taste and excitement. We've stocked this box with a variety of products to cater to whatever your snacking needs may be. Maybe a Lexi's Marshmallow treat around 11 to get you through till lunch or a Shores of Africa Coconut thins in the afternoon to be enjoyed on there own or with a condiment (Moi Moi sauce perhaps...available now under the Food Cupboard category...) or a Eat Vive Peanut Butter Bite after a workout as a protein packed treat. 

Items included:

-Eat Vive Peanut Butter Bites
-Güsto Snacks, Mango
-Shores of Africa, Coconut Thins Cardamom & Black Pepper
-Jungle Fruits, Dragon Fruit
-Jungle Fruits, Coconut
-Lexi Treats Marshmallow Bliss