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The Deluxe Discovery Box

What makes the Delux Discovery Box so Delux you ask? Well if it's not for the colossal number of food and drink items then it's the sheer luxury of the products. It's our most extravagant offering containing some of the most innovative products on the market that'll be sure to impress and delight you or whoever you're sharing it with. From Ile Adun's Coconut Toffee to Jungle Fruits Freeze Dried Lychee, to Chosan's Baobab Chocolate spread to OTC's Sparkling Sorrel, this box really is all about discovery. If you love supporting independent brands and discovering new products then this is the box for you! 


Items included:

-Moi Moi, Original Sauce

-Fud, Berry & Coconut

-Lucocoa, Milk Dominican Republic 50% Milk Chocolate Bar

-Güsto Snacks, Coconut Wonky Apple Crisps 

-Shores of Africa, Coconut Thins Mango

-Jungle Fruits, Freeze Dried Passionfruit 

-Jungle Fruits, Freeze Dried Lychee

-Lexi Treats Marshmallow Strawberry Bliss

-Abakus Foods, Seaweed Crisps Salt & Vinegar

-Binta's Kitchen, Organic Sun-dried Tomatoes

-Sankofa Snacks, Plantain Crisps Spicy Sweet Chilli 

-Chosan By Nature, Baobab Chocolate Spread

-Eat Vive, Brownies Cherry Bakewell

-Tuk Tuk Chai, Masala

-OTC Beverages, sparkling Sorrel

-Ile Adun, Coconut Toffee

-Superfoodio, Smooth Peanut Chocolate Bar