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Gently Dried Dragonfruit Bites


Dried Dragonfruit Bites

Dragonfruits also known as Pitaya is a superfruit which originates from  Central America and Asia. It has a light sweet taste and taste like a sweet mix between apples and kiwi. Our dried dragonfruit have nothing added at all. They are full of powerful vitamins and minerals.

-100% exotic dried fruits
-1 of your 5 a day - Perfect for snacking
-No added sugar - High in fibre
-No nasty sulphates
-Vegan friendly
-No messy peelings or bruised fruit just dried Jungle Fruits


Ingredients & Nutritional Value

100% Exotic Dried Fruit

Nutritional Values: Per 28g (portion) Energy 410kj/98kcal, Fat 1.12g, of which are saturates 0.28g, Carbohydrate 20.16g, of which are sugars 11.48g, Fibre 5.6g, Protein 2g, Salt 0.01g, Vitamin C 2.4mg, Calcium 54mg.