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The Chocolate Tiger Granola


The Chocolate Tiger Granola

This is brand new flavour on the block. Like its name 'Chocolate Tiger', we have creatively included tiger nuts and then smothered it all in delicious yummy chocolate.

This bag is not only great for a fun brekafast but also fab as a movie snack.

Handmade granola made with Honey, Hazelnuts, Coconut oil, Raisins, Seeds, Sesame Butter, Organic Rolled Oats, Salt, Avocado Oil, Sesame seed and Chocolate.


Ingredients & Nutritional Value

Ingredients: First I don’t just use organic oats, I decided to be creative and blitz up some Tiger nut to use as a foundation for the granola. Then I decided to add the most chocolatey nut I know - Organic Hazelnuts and some Organic sunflower seeds too. For this bag of granola I always melt a nice big hunky chunk of organic dark chocolate . Let’s not forget the Organic sunflower seeds, Honey, Coconut Sugar, Salt, Fairtrade organic vanilla bean extract and Avocado & Coconut oil.