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The Original Granola 'OG'

The Original Granola 'OG'

Homemade Granola made with Honey, Hazelnuts, Coconut oil, Raisins, Seeds, Sesame Butter, Cranberries, Organic Rolled Oats, Salt, Pistachio, Avocado Oil, Sesame seed and Cinnamon

Ingredients & Nutritional Value

Ingredients: Tahini which has no palm oil, no added sugar, just sesame seed. Then I decided to add some nuts, so we have organic Almonds (8%) which I chop up myself, some cheeky Organic Hazelnuts (8%) and couple of Pistachios (3%) for colour. I also added some Organic cranberries (3%) and Organic Raisins (3%) as you can never have enough fruit. Let’s not forget the Organic sunflower seeds (3%), Organic Pumpkins seeds (3%), Honey, Salt, Organic cinnamon, Fairtrade organic vanilla bean extract and Avocado & Coconut oil. Oh my goodness, I totally forgot to mention the Organic oats!!!